New Paid Review Program Named LinkFromBlog

Paid reviewsAfter a decrease in revenue from a paid review popular website, I started looking for another alternative to connect money online property DuniaCindi hehehe ... So tonight I found a new paid review program is quite interesting to follow, namely LinkFromBlog.

Well, LinkFromBlog provide fresh air to the active or passive bloggers. By giving a gift of $1 to $5 to write a review about LinkFromBlog website, it will make back the spirit of bloggers to write reviews from the best advertiser in the world.

Activation process is quick and easy, will facilitate the bloggers to start a review on this product. LinkFromBlog provide advertiser that has the competence of the product, so that any advertiser that has a lot of funds to be channeled to the bloggers who intend to write a review about the product.

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