Eliminate Tier Candle on Instant Noodles

Easy, cheap, and tasty. That is the reason why many people like the instant noodle. Living cooked briefly, and only need to add hot water, can be eaten directly after "save" a rumbling stomach.

Along with the success of fast food noodles, it has been so long outstanding issues around the instant noodle. Layer of wax on the instant noodle is the gossip that is often heard, even make a scene a few years ago. Wax or other chemical substances similar wax is used so that the noodles do not sticky when cooked.

These allegations raise a lot of advice not to eat instant noodle each day. Expert stated, the body takes at least three days to clean the wax. Moreover, there are also allegations that the candles are carsinogenic or this can trigger the occurrence of cancer.

Apart from the issue of candles, the experts recommend that health care is to limit the use of instant noodle. The reason, excessive consumption can disrupt the alimentary tract and cause various other health problems.

To be more safe for consumption, there is a good idea to follow the following tips when cooking instant noodle:
  • Cook a bit more water to actually boil, then divided into two parts (to put in two different pot).
  • Enter the instant noodle in the pot and boil it again. This first pan to wash its anti sticky womb. Once cooked, move the instant noodle that has been "washed" it into the second pot, and boil again.

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