Healthy Benefits of Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce, especially the home-made, has many benefits for our health. Experts who attended the symposium of science in 2007, in New York, mentioned that the food that comes from processed tomatoes can reduce the risk of dangerous diseases degeneratif, such as the following.

Protecting the lungs
Research conducted by Drs Michael and Lenore Arab Madden from the University of California revealed that tomatoes can increase the degree likopena in the blood. Likopena work to protect our lungs from free radicals.

Reduce the risk of cataracts
Frederik Khachik, PhD, from the University of Maryland said that karotenoid substance in the tomato sauce can protect our eyes from age and free radicals. Two types of karotenoid the function is to protect the eyes lutein and zeaksantin.

Reduce cholesterol level
Research conducted by dr Sohvi Horkko from the University of Oulu, Finland, disclose, tomato sauce may lower cholesterol level. Twenty-one volunteers are asked to consume 30 mg of tomato sauce and 400 ml of tomato juice for 3 weeks. Result, their cholesterol level down to 13 percent. Cholesterol level is low, the risk of diabetes will be reduced.

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