Butterfly, the Unique Collection of the Universe

Not excessive when the butterfly is as excellent avertebrata among other animals. Wings are beautiful and interesting, is able to captivate so many people. The order of scale similar to the tile roof of butterfly wing color and pattern, color, and this is the basis of the name in this group of insects, the Lepidoptera.

Indonesia has a diversity of butterfly. Estimated 17,500 species of butterfly in the world, not less than 1600 kinds of them in Indonesia. Number of types of property is only owned by the tropical countries in South America, like Peru and Brazil which have about 3000 species.

Illustration of the richness and diversity of types of butterfly in Indonesia can be seen here. Butterfly specimens stored in the laboratory with good Entomologi, Field Zoology, Zoology Museum, Bogor, and the Research Center for Biology Indonesian Institute of Science.

Of the many butterfly species in Indonesia, there are 19 species have been included in the list of types of protected animals in Indonesia, namely Cethosia Myrina known as butterfly wings lace and only found in Sulawesi, Trogonoptera brookiana known as Kupu-kupu Raja Brooke is found in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Six types of butterfly from the genus Ornithoptera known as butterfly wings birds found in Maluku and Papua. The 11 types of butterfly Troides clan known as the king of swing (eg Troides hypolitus), mostly found in the western part of Indonesia and Sulawesi, and some types are in the Maluku and Papua.

So, let's keep butterfly in Indonesia, as part of nature of Indonesia.

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