Enchanting Toba Lake in Parapat

Viewing this vast lake might make you believe that you're actually visiting an ocean instead of a lake. The atmosphere is so cool and refreshing, the view magnificent and breath-taking, for you can see mountains circling this area. Samosir Island is located proudly in the middle of the lake. Another lake inside Samosir Island makes this place more unique and interesting.

This lake is about 1,700 m2 in size with the depth of approximately 450 meters. About 906 above sea level, this lake hosts various interesting plants. Some people, viewing the sunrise and sunset around this area, claim that Toba manages to help them forget their problems even though only for a while.

Getting There
By renting a car from Medan to Parapat. Parapat is 185 kilometers away from Medan. It will take about 4 hours to reach this place. You can also ride a bus or join a tour to visit Toba Lake.

Where to Stay
Numerous inns and hotels are available in Parapat. Some hotels even have their own swimming pools and jacuzzi.

Moving Around
You can ride a motorboat / ferry to reach Samosir Island.

Dining Guide
This place has several restaurants, where you can eat. You can also eat in the hotels/inns.

Souvenir Tips
Classic souvenirs such as T Shirts, hats, keychains, are available in Medan and Parapat. In Tuk Tuk, you can buy traditional Batak crafts such as Batak traditional calendar, traditional musical instruments, elaborate carvings, ulos, and so on.

Other Things to See or Do
You can swim in the lake or ride a boat circling this lake. You can also visit Samosir Island to see traditional houses of Batak kings in the past also royal tombs in Tomok area. For those of you who are into golf, a golf course is also available in Parapat.

Travel Tips
  • Bring your own bathing suit and sports equipment.
  • Bring a hat and a jacket. This place can be quite cold.
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